10 February 2010

Petite Histoire - Public release


10th of February 2010, 19.00
at Galeria Posibila

Petite Histoire - Book view

Petite Histoire - Colophon

authors - Matei Caltia, Eugen Alexandru Gustea, Nicu Ilfoveanu, Magda Radu, Oana Tanase

texts by - Magda Radu, Oana Tanase
English translation by - Samuel W.F. Onn
graphic design by - Eugen Alexandru Gustea, Nicu Ilfoveanu

first edition: november 2009
first public release: february 2010

Published by Galeria Posibila

This book was published with the support of Administration of the National Found - AFCN

We would like to extend our thanks to:
PureWater and Flavia Dojan, Heike Sutter, Ioana Manolescu, Mihai Oroveanu, Alexandra Gulea,

Petite Histoire - Purchase order and distribution

128 pages with over 90 duotone illustrations
English / Romanian
Published by Galeria Posibila
Price 56,13lei / 13,99 € / 18,99 $
ISBN 978-973-0-07153-5

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from 11 february 2010

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